Sehat Heroes Program (3 Weeks Summer Internship)

About the program

MedCords Student Partner Program is a 21 Days Program to empower students who are enthusiastic to bring about a change in the status quo and to create health awareness in rural areas.

We are inviting passionate students who wish to work in a challenging environment to impact lives on a daily basis.

The program will have a total of 4 batches. Each batch will be given a project for a period of 3 weeks. The batches would start from the month of May and run up till the end of July.

Eligibility & Application Process

Anyone and everyone above the age of 18 years can enroll.

Spoken Hindi is borderline necessary and fluent English will be an added advantage.

The application process is very simple. You fill up the form below by clicking on 'apply for internship' button.

Once you submit your form, our team will get in touch with you to explain the next steps.

Roles & Responsibilities

The critical idea of this student program is to seek and nudge the entrepreneur in you be encouraging the social side to impact the rural. Your responsibility is simple and has clear metrics for self-evaluation. Following would be your responsibility.

1 2 3 4

Monthly Stipend of
Rs. 3000-5000




Weekly & Monthly


Goodies and Merchandise

What are you doing this Summer?
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Frequently Asked Questions
MedCords is a company changing the way healthcare is conducted and managed today. MedCords is a solution to making healthcare a pleasant experience. We’re a part of the Kota Smart City initiative. We are also associated with e-mitra centers across Rajasthan for making efficient healthcare more accessible.
You will not have to travel interstate during the project is on. However, you would be required to be on the field. Traveling would be required to the extent that you reach from Kota to district allocated to you (This area allotted to you would be your hometown so you can accommodate yourself in your own house).
You are free to delegate your work, however, you’d be responsible for their work. The training would be provided only in Kota during the training session. Delegating the work further would mean that a proper knowledge transfer between you and people who the work is delegated to have been duly conducted. We will always be available to clarify all of your doubts at any given point in time. We strongly recommend that you delegate works only to the people who you have reasonable control over.
The tenure of this program for each batch would be 21 days.
Clear metrics would be listed down in the training sessions for self evaluation too.
The payment would be made via NEFT or an account payee check. In no condition will the payment be done in cash.
There are no capital costs involved as such. However, if you seek to take a step ahead which involves a wider cost, we would be happy to consider your proposal and sanction the necessary amount after due assessment. A monthly stipend would be provided to cover the nominal cost and other traveling expenses.
Yes. Ofcourse you can. We would be happy to give you a chance again if you’ve worked on the things that went wrong for the first time.
The training would be conducted in Kota at a pre decided location. The training would be restricted to 1 days after which everyone would start their operations
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If you have any questions, you can write to us at You will receive a reply on the same day.

If there's something that needs our immediate answer, you can call us at +91 989 2450789

What are you doing this Summer?

Take this time to invest the hero within you for a greater cause.
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