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Users quite often lose crucial prescriptions and medical reports, they face difficulty in managing and tracking their family's medical records. Doctors face trouble in handling their patients without complete information of their medical history. These are very few of the many problems that make healthcare a difficult experience.

We set out to solve these problems for India. And so, MedCords was born.

Introducing MedCords, the ecosystem that interconnects the most important stakeholders of the healthcare segment - Patients, Doctors, Pharmacies and Laboratories for smooth access and sharing of medical data, removing the hassle of storing and maintaining hard copies of medical data. By making your medical records "intelligent", we provide valuable insights into your medical condition and ensure a better treatment.

We do it the way it should be done!

for Doctors

Organized Medical History

Access your patient’s medical data in an organized manner. Get access to reports, prescriptions.

Get exactly what's important

Get focused report related to disease in focus. See patterns and vitals right in front of you.

Easier Follow-ups

Make informed decisions with completely organized and useful data. Keep personal memos of your patients.

Connect deeper

Develop trust and ensure a long-lasting relationship with your patients.

Secure, safe access

Faultless cloud services with SHA2 hashing and SSL communication ensures that your data is safe, secure and available to you at all times!

Quality Second Opinion

Provide valuable suggestions to patients who seek your opinion for their medical conditions, remotely!
for Users

Access anytime, anywhere

Just click and upload. MedCords takes care of the rest. Highly secure and strict control over your medical records. Only you decide who gets access. And your data is practically never lost!

Better engagement with doctors

Access your records anytime, anywhere. Don’t search for paper records. Search MedCords.

Store your health records easily

Make most out of your doctor visit, and share your health reports with doctors for consultations.

Complete family health

Manage your family’s records, even if they are miles away.

Information at your fingertips

Mark and pin important prescriptions for quick access in future.

Become healthier

Get insights into how your health can be improved, in a personalised way!
for Pharmacies

Be a MedCords Ambassador

for Lab Centres

Easy to use, completely free app to automate the entire process

About Us

MedCords is an innovative platform that makes storage of your medical records easy. We securely store your medical records, provide easy access to them anytime, anywhere & connect you with trusted doctors and medical store partners- all in a click. The platform is developed with rapidly progressing rural India in focus.

We understand that your medical history is of utmost importance. You need to have it accessible anywhere, anytime, and in a secure way. We use the highest standards of data security to keep your records secure along with granular permissions so that only you or the ones you permit, can see your records. Once your records are saved on MedCords, they are secured forever.

Why MedCords?

We believe that every individual in India should have access to transparent and easy-to-use healthcare platform that enables them to have easy access to all their medical records, stay informed about their health and make the right decisions.

Ask us what keeps us going and the answer is you - Your right to an effective health care. So next time you hold your medical file and don't find a valuable record, just think of us, “Because your health is more than an obvious-to-lose paper record and negligence!”

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Kota - 324009
+91 90791 30451

Tech Office:

2nd Floor, Aurum Avenue,
Baner, Pune - 411045

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